Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me

"Happy Birthday to Me," what could be more tacky? I promise I won't do this often, but I just wanted to say a few things commemorating this blog getting its toes wet.

The Spinozist Mormon is, "in all material respects," a week old. (Borrowing a precious qualifying phrase there from the report of the Audit Committee we'll hear again in General Conference in a few days!) Thanks to those who've commented, and---in the spirit of the conducting brother who thanks the congregation for testimonies both uttered and unexpressed---I'm grateful to all who have visited, read, and commented silently to themselves.

Technically, I put the first post up Saturday, 19 March, but I didn't make this site's existence publicly known until Wednesday, 23 March. I choose to draw the starting line from the moment of christening---its ceremonial entry into the community that is the Bloggernacle---marked by the contribution of the first comment at 9:45am that day. Thanks, Rosalynde.

When I checked the number of "unique visitors" in the sidebar at around 9:30am on Wednesday, 30 March, the count was 738---a little over 100 per day, for the first week, a nice milestone. And Wednesday was the busiest day yet, with the count topping 1000 before the day was through. (The definition of "unique visitors" is a little plastic. The setting I'm using is the least stringent on offer, which helps pad the numbers: anyone who comes to the site after being away for at least 30 minutes is a "unique visitor.")

Many of you found your way here because of the generosity of other bloggers. Some I noticed: Kaimi included me in a post on new blogs, and Nate drove traffic here with post responding to The Elusory Breath of Life. Dave put me on his blogroll---even though it's now on a separate page in his "Sidenotes"---and so did David. Geoff and his friends added me to their real-time overview of the Bloggernacle. Links to specific posts were provided by Ronan---and by Lisa, who happens to be famous. Thanks, everyone.

I also tried to make my presence known this week by spending a truly unseemly amount of time commenting promiscuously and at length, occasionally linking to my posts, and flirtatiously signing my hyperlinked name Christian Y. Cardall (TSM), hoping the trailing tag would lure people in out of curiosity. Does this trailing tag drive everyone batty? Is it rude?

Let me remind you how to stay aware of my presence, for now that this first week is out of the way and this space's presence is known, I'm going to slow down. I won't always be as active as I was this past week, so unless you choose one of two steps, I may be "out of sight, out of mind." The modern way to stay aware is to use a newsreader or aggregator to remain apprised of new material from sources to which you "subscribe"; for more information, click on Syndication: SmartFeed under "Practicalia" on the sidebar. Or, just under that is a "Notification" link, where you can sign up to receive email notices of new posts.

Stay in touch!

[UPDATE, 14 April 2005: As noted in this erratum, I discovered that my counter had been set to page loads after all, so that is what the above numbers actually indicated. The counter is now set to display unique visitors.]




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