Sunday, April 03, 2005

The (Almost) Instant Spinozist Take from Conference, Day 2

A new post, to get the dateline right. Sorry this comes at the onset of the next (and final) session; we watched the first with friends, and just got back from dinner with them.

Sunday Morning

President Faust: Stand ye in holy places...

Elder Ballard: ...especially if you plan on being a missionary. The Raising of the Bar has reduced the number of missionaries, so now we're Razing the Bar. Just kidding! We need to work harder to prepare them, that's all. Bishops, find an additional candidate; with sufficient effort, and with well-timed coordinated swinging, you, your youth leaders, and the parents just might be able to heave him over said Bar on the count of three.

Elder Sorensen: To do well does not always mean everything will turn out well. Resulting from doing right is not necessarily a peace free of conflict, but a peace full of meaning.

Sister Hughes: People perceive God's love in the hands of those who serve them. Friendship allows for differences; in fact, it embraces them.

Elder Eyring: Converts, it's not enough that we've captivated you. We want your family, and not even death can keep them from us.

President Hinckley: First Vision; Book of Mormon; Restoration of the Priesthood; Eternal Sealings; Innocence of Little Children; Premortal Birth to Heavenly Parents, Mortal Probation, Quasi-universal Salvation by Degrees; Modern Revelation. Praise to the Man!

(The phrase "noble counselors" has been repeated at least three times in talks or prayers. Is this construction becoming de rigeur? I hope it doesn't mean that counselors are expected to be less than noble unless otherwise specified...)

Sunday Afternoon

Elder Perry: Memo from central Europe---secular societies, with emphasis on individual freedom, lead to selfishness and a decline in public and private morality.

Elder Oaks: Pornography has made accelerating inroads. Very. Serious. Problem.

Elder Whetten: Feed my sheep.

Elder Damiani: Be of good cheer.

Elder Oveson: All prophets testify of Christ.

Elder Bednar: The tender mercies of the Lord do not occur randomly, or merely by coincidence. Faithfulness and obedience enable us to receive them, and they are recognizable by their timing.

President Hinckley: We can be good neighbors. Through the generosity of our people, we are relieving the distressed.

[The following was sung to music composed by my g-g-g-grandfather, Ebenezer Beesley, improved by an arrangement that sounded like it had Mack Wilberg's fingerprints all over it. I retract my statement yesterday about the superfluity of female voices.]

Sing we now at parting,
One more strain of praise,
To our Heavenly Father,
Sweetest songs we'll raise...

Save us, Lord, from error.
Watch us day by day.
Help us now to serve thee
In a pleasing way.


On Elder Ballard's you forgot to add: "And oh yeah, we didn't really  mean that women shouldn't serve missions. Send a few more, won't you?"  
Comment by Rosalynde | 4/04/2005 12:13:00 AM  

Um, did Christian forget to add that or did Elder Ballard? 
Comment by John C. | 4/04/2005 11:56:00 AM  

Elder Ballard did clarify this issue, and I think it's good he did so, because women should be encouraged do get their own answers on what to do in their lives. A recent talk by Pres. Samuelson at BYU does this. Probably too often there was active discouragement against missions, even when the woman had an answer to prayer on the matter (Melissa at T&S had a remarkable personal experience along these lines).

Having said that, if the "misunderstanding" had the net effect of women on average getting more education than they otherwise would have, that might be net positive.

My wife had an answer to prayer that led her to serve a mission, and fortunately all her leaders were supportive. Not even a guy named Christian she met while getting her papers ready made a difference in her determination to serve. (This fellow, Christian, never dreamed of asking her not to serve. He supported her all the way---as long as the definition of "support" was not construed to require "not dating". ;) )
Comment by Christian Y. Cardall | 4/04/2005 12:53:00 PM  



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