Friday, April 01, 2005

Junk at Times and Seasons

April Fool's! Well, sort of. I'd never want to poke a serious finger in the eye of Times and Seasons---the Colussus that bestrides the Bloggernacle as no other (see also footnote below)---but I'm not past parasitically invoking it in a provocative title, in order to catch the eye.

There is junk at Times and Seasons, but I'm not referring to any of the main posts---which are reliably excellent---and, more importantly, my use of the term "junk" in this context is not derogatory.

Biologist Sydney Brenner, in an interesting perspective on "junk DNA" I can't get into here, offers this useful insight on "junk":
Some years ago I noticed that there are two kinds of rubbish in the world and that most languages have different words to distinguish them. There is the rubbish we keep, which is junk, and the rubbish we throw away, which is garbage.

The junk at Times and Seasons I'm referring to is some of my own comments. An accomplished blogger once referred to the "noble tradition of literary hacks who never miss an opportunity to recycle old material". Calling myself "literary" would be presumptively grandiose, but the "hack" shoe fits; so in a puny effort along those lines, from time to time I'll probably exhume some of my old comments, dust them off, and give them a shower and shave (did you know fingernails and facial hair continue growing after death?) to presentably resurrect them as "original" posts here.

But today I'm going to be even lazier than that. I mentioned in my previous post that I commented prodigiously last week. To be more sane this week, and in a (probably futile) attempt to convince myself and others that I can manage a blogging addiction, in lieu of new posts here for several days I'm going to point out some of my blathering output from last week, and let it be digested for awhile by those who may care.

This post got me thinking, here and here, about how we apply our religious doctrines, sayings, and stories to our lives' vexations.

Related to the idea of the importance of narratives, a discussion arising from this post led me to speculate on the origin of Stories of Mythic Proportions (some of the preceding and following comments give useful context).

A powerful Updike poem induced me to offer this reading.

A post responding to The Elusory Breath of Life led to several comments and questions by me; this was my most direct response, and this was my take on the relationship of charity to rules which can sometimes be annoyingly specific.

Finally, two posts on Mormon art---here and here---led me to comment on the nature of art, here and here, notwithstanding my ignorance on this subject.

This was an atypical week, and I hope the unusual effort was justified by the need to generate some interest in my new little blog here. But assembling this material from last week (and this is the longer, somewhat-thought-out stuff; did I forget anything major?) scares me into stepping back, letting go, and taking a breather; but even if I don't post here anew for awhile (or comment much elsewhere), I'll try to check in here regularly to respond to comments.

[Footnote: Kaimi, here's a version suitable for framing on your "What people are saying" wall: "Times and Seasons is the veritable Colussus that bestrides the Bloggernacle as no other. Even in the larger ecosystem of the blogosphere at large, the undeniable, objective "bear truth" is that it rates as a Marauding Marsupial."]


Comment by Nate Oman | 4/01/2005 01:58:00 PM  

I'll take that as valued praise, coming as it does from another favorite blogger !
Comment by Christian Y. Cardall | 4/01/2005 02:51:00 PM  



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