Monday, May 09, 2005

Journal of Discourses: The Divine Role of Mothers

[UPDATE, 12 May: I changed the name of Part I to "Descriptive."]

[UPDATE, 10 May: I have added names to the two parts of the talk, and a bit of additional text at the bottom. Links to the various segments will be added as they are posted.]

Believe it or not, even knowing something of my Spinozist tendencies, the Bishopric of my ward asked me to give talk on Mother's Day. I was given a specific title: The Divine Role of Mothers. I spoke from rough notes; over the next several days I will flesh it out into prose and post it here in bite-sized pieces. Here is an overview.
The Divine Role of Mothers

Part I: Descriptive

Elements of a Divine Role
Mothers as Creators
Mothers as Redeemers and Saviors
Mothers as Judges

Part II: Prescriptive

A More Sustainable and Inclusive Motherhood
Judicious Use of a Precious Resource
A Shared Responsibility
More to Life
I would appreciate any constructive feedback---particularly from the sisters---for several reasons: to help me in my own interactions with women, to provide wisdom to pass along to our three daughters, and in case I should ever be called upon again to navigate the treacherous waters of a Mother's Day talk.




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