Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Spinozist Take from General Conference, October 2005, Day Two

Below are one- or two-sentence first impressions of talks from the second day of General Conference, to be updated after each session.

Sunday Morning Session

President Monson: By example, Joseph taught us courage, faith, honesty, patience, diligence, the importance of missionary service, and love. His message of the Restoration continues to change lives.

President Packer: The standards upon which civilization depends have been swept away, but we can be optimistic because we have the word of God—both the permanent foundation left by Joseph Smith, and continuing revelation exemplified by the LDS edition of the scriptures, the restructuring of the curriculum, proclamations, seminaries and institutes, family home evening, Preach my Gospel, and Church magazines.

Elder Bateman: The gospel, on Earth since Adam, is universal; its appeal is not limited to Americans.

Sister ???: Reading and living the scriptures morning, day, and night, they become written in our hearts, and build a tradition of righteous living.

Elder Scott: People naturally turn to God in deteriorating conditions. Satan is effective in causing them to ignore it, but people should turn to the true Plan of Salvation, which they knew in the premortal life, but memory of which is withheld to make this life a valid test. The Restoration was so important that the First Vision is the only known instance of a visit by both the Father and the Son.

President Hinckley: Forgiveness is the most-needed virtue on Earth. If someone throws a frozen fowl through your windshield, forgive them.

Sunday Afternoon Session

Elder Nelson: Jesus Christ is the Master Healer. Real joy awaits each of us on the other side of sorrow.

Elder Hales: As previously noted by President Packer, Tyndale, in translating the Bible into English, told a clergyman he would make it so a ploughboy could understand the scriptures better than he could. About 80% of the King James Bible relies on Tyndale’s work—a Bible later read by ploughboy Joseph Smith.

Elder ???: Do not be afraid of sacrifice; enjoy the blessings it brings.

Elder ???: By keeping covenants, the challenges of life can be transcended.

Elder ???: With so many roads and intersections in life, Jesus continues to define the true path.

Elder ???: Peter was commanded to feed the Lord’s sheep; Joseph also. Minister to people according to specific needs.

Elder Uchtdorf: Basics of flight, and basics of Church membership: faith, hope, and other Christlike attributes provide forward thrust and upward lift. Oh, and by the way, stay in your own homeland, please.

President Hinckley: It has been an inspirational feast at the table of the Lord. You’re all invited to Joseph Smith’s 200th birthday extravaganza.




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