Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bannergate: Print Edition

An article on the Banner of Heaven appears in today’s Salt Lake Tribune.

The article features responses to Bannergate from a random John and Julie in Austin. Consider yourself warned: whatever you say on a blog, even as a commenter, could suddenly become more widely read than you realized! If you’re paranoid about such things, it’d be a good idea not to say anything on a blog you wouldn’t want quoted in a newspaper.


It's a great article for several reasons--not the least of which is that Julie's harangue against Banner of Heaven is implicitly dismissed as the self-righteous, morally opportunistic histrionics that they were.

But (as you know), I was a bit surprised to read that my "I am Miranda" post is a "groveling mia culpa." 

Comment by DKL | 11/19/2005 10:04:00 AM  

"it’d be a good idea not to say anything on a blog you wouldn’t want quoted in a newspaper."

Well, this is an alarming little thought. 

Comment by meems | 11/19/2005 10:17:00 AM  

DKL, Julie didn't read it that way: She's already linked to the article at T&S  under "Notes From All Over," with the link "Bannergate in print."

Perhaps for brevity the article's author (I won't bother to name her since she didn't bother to name me ;-> ) had to give an overall characterization of our "coming out" posts. But she also says we're secretly proud of our art. Not so secretly anymore! 

Comment by Christian Y. Cardall | 11/19/2005 10:23:00 AM  

meems,  yes, internet interactions can feel quite personal, but this is a misleading illusion. They are really very public; with many more readers than commenters, even without the newspaper one is expressing oneself to many more people than is at first apparent.

There's always the refuge of anonymity/pseudonymity, but as the Banner authors found out, with administrator access to IP addresses this is not a perfect solution unless (a) one only ever uses a single pseudonym, or (b) one is always careful to go through the hassle of using proxies.

For myself, I prefer to use my real name and only put things on blogs I'm willing to make public. 

Comment by Christian Y. Cardall | 11/19/2005 10:36:00 AM  

Christian, do you expect me to be surprised by Julie's level of self-delusion? 

Comment by DKL | 11/19/2005 10:37:00 AM  

DKL, no, I didn't expect you to be surprised, but amused!  

Comment by Christian Y. Cardall | 11/19/2005 10:44:00 AM  

LOL. You called that one correctly. 

Comment by DKL | 11/19/2005 10:46:00 AM  

Nice pic DKL.

Sorry you got snubbed Christian.

This press at least might drive more people to the 'nacle. It seems to me that is a healthy thing. I'm always a fan of free publicity. | 11/19/2005 11:17:00 AM  

Interesting article ... some of the best coverage of the bloggernacle I've seen. 

Comment by danithew | 11/19/2005 11:37:00 AM  

Geoff  (yes I know that comment's yours), it's for the best. After my wife read the article she expressed relief that I wasn't mentioned. So I was spared a little grief. ;-> 

Comment by Christian Y. Cardall | 11/19/2005 01:31:00 PM  

I just saw the actual print version, the online version doesn't do it justice. It covers the full front page of the Faith section.

And Christian, you are mentioned, along with a 3X5 picture. | 11/19/2005 02:15:00 PM  

Eric,  thanks for the tip. (But don't tell my wife. ;-> ) I'll have to figure out a way to get a print copy out here to Tennessee.

I find it strange that the online edition is different, especially that it's abridged. In academic journals with which I'm familiar, online versions have more  material than the print versions because it doesn't add to printing costs. 

Comment by Christian Y. Cardall | 11/19/2005 02:50:00 PM  

BTW everyone, for your name to show up in the comment you have to enter it in the "Name" box above the main post page's comment box. Entering it on the subsequent word verification page is not enough. (In fact on the word verification page I think you could hit the Anonymous radio button and your name would still show up if you entered it in the main page.) 

Comment by Christian Y. Cardall | 11/19/2005 02:55:00 PM  

What I said in that last comment is true. You can use the Anonymous radio button to avoid having to type your name again, and your name will still appear if you typed it on the main post page. 

Comment by Christian Y. Cardall | 11/19/2005 02:57:00 PM  

On one occasion, "Septimus" wrote about being troubled by a church lesson that suggested men should be stoic after the death of a child. That prompted a father to share his own grief at the death of three children. 

Ouch, I almost escaped mention.

Though I wouldn't ask anyone to express that they still feel guilty about.

Thought DKL takes a nice picture, I suspect he is a lot better in person than in print.

Interesting article.


Comment by Stephen M (Ethesis) | 11/19/2005 08:03:00 PM  

BTW, the reporter has that wrong too. I was answering the substance of the comment, and it didn't matter if Septimus was real or espousing someone else's thoughts (which was clear fromt he tone of how he was written then).

Well, reporters are as they are and so are we. 

Comment by Stephen M (Ethesis) | 11/19/2005 11:05:00 PM  

Stephen M (Ethesis)  I suspect [DKL] is a lot better in person than in print. 

Come now, Stephen: That's not really saying much, is it?

I'm glad you like the photo. If you look under the bio pages of our characters, you'll see that they contain the real photos of players. We replaced the fake photos with our own shortly after the confessional post. 

Comment by DKL | 11/19/2005 11:42:00 PM  



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